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I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead. That being said – I love the show for the most part but I am a bigger fan of the comic series. Now, I KNOW they are both completely different entities. I have talked about that on my show at length and with other humans who would listen. I have not been sold on the show since pretty much last season. Not that it hasn’t been good, it has, but there’s just something missing.

As a fan it’s hard not to juxtapose the comic to the show since they are at this point two wholly different things. However, the reason I’m writing this review is to kind of get some thoughts out there on the season premiere. Namely, I kind of don’t like the fact that they set up Darrell to be this Han Solo type character. It kind of bothers me that the show differs from the comic so much so at this point that it has to rely on rehashed TV scriptwriting gimmicks. I’m not saying it’s wrong but I am saying it’s a stretch from what Kirkman has done in the books where he has taken an almost George RR Martin style approach letting you know that no one is safe. Don’t get me wrong – setting up Darrell as a returning badass will certainly make for great TV but is that what the purists want? You can’t please everyone but the fact that TWD as a comic that has a pretty hardcore story at its core with surprises abound kind of makes one wonder if the show is purposely watered down to gain a bigger audience (ratings? bag issue buying?). The comic is a book without cliches and the show is one cliche after another. Don’t worry I’m getting to the review.

The episode was good. We see some cool stuff and some great interaction between the characters. I will say that the only person on the cast that I truly enjoy is Andrew Lincoln as Rick. The arc that he is portraying is tremendous and I really like how how this a guy who is completely losing his shit. For a season premiere I found the episode a bit slow and lacking. We unnecessarily were teased witha  a direct Rick v Governor interaction/confrontation. I don’t want to sound like a hater but as much as I dig the show I just don’t agree with what direction it looks like it’s going in. I personally cannot stand the fact that Michonne is such a terrible character on the show (in part because she does not say a word and does not have the presence she should) It just feels like no one knows what to do with her. I could care less about the Hundai that is always clean and never runs out of gas, Andrea is useless, and The Governor isn’t as much of a threat as you’d want him to be. Again, those are my gripes. What I do like is the fact that Rick is going nuts and that can be explored in a great way through TV, that Tyrese looks like he would be in it for the long haul, and I like the fact that the actors seem extremely comfortable in their roles this into the show 9it looks like a joyous labor of love). Everyone is extremely believable in who they are playing but I cannot help but yell at my TV saying “Get to the point already!” I have mixed feeling about TWD and I’m sure you do to!