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Yea, so I haven’t posted in a while and I intend on remedying that. So on this Sunday night I will just give you some quick plugs for stuff that I have been pretty into lately and some stuff I have been working on. I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since MAY!

Anyway. Modern Familyrules. Now that the show is in syndication I suggest everyone to just drop what they are doing and check it out.

Here is a quick review of WWE 2K14 :

This could be the best wrestling game every made. That statement also takes into account the N64 games that ruled my brain back in the day. What makes this game so great? The roster is a wrestling fanboy’s dream. The controls are a little smoother and the reversals are more dynamic. The graphics are still top notch. I also prefer the alternate game cover on the flipside of the regular Rock one. But that roster tho. The game isn’t without its faults. Namely the second half of the 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode leaves me a little wanting. There ARE some awesome and memorable moments that were captured BUT there are also more deserving matches that were left out. I would have liked to see the Hardyz/Dudleys/E&C TLC match, Shawn vs Angle, HHH/Taker (WM 17), Bald Kane VS Taker (return of the Deadman) Piper/Goldust (WM12) LT/Bam Bam (WM11) The List Goes On.

I’m hoping that in the next incarnation of the game we get to play on other PPV marquee matches. (CM Punk/Cena at MITB for one) I also feel like the next incarnation of the game should do away with the menu designs/save/load screen/and overall “look” to the interfaces. This incarnation is too similar to last years. Some character taunts are also WAY out of character but that’s a small gripe.

Overall the game kicks a ton of asses and you should get it. I will probably talk about it on the next episode of Mat Men which you can see at GFQNetwork.com

Speaking of which. Mat Men and Behind the Counter are still going on strong. If you want some excellent talk about comic books then check out Behind The Counter also on The GFQ Network.

If you are into comics  then you should be reading: Walking Dead, Saga, Trillium, Sandman Overture, Hawkeye, Satellite Sam, Infinity, Bounce, Sex, Sex Criminals, wait there’s more – Batman, Astro City, Sheltered, Revival, and FF.

I probably left a ton out.

This season of The Walking Dead
has been pretty lackluster so far. Sons of Anarchy has been awesome. Still missing Breaking Bad. Oh, and Total Divas is back.

That’s the update! Thanks for tuning in! Expect more regular posts.

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