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Since there was no Mat Men podcast last week, I have to sink my teeth into something wrestling related. Rest assured we will be back this week providing you with our weird voices and weirder facial hair.

Anyway, we pride ourselves on not being extremely over zealous when it comes to the current state of wrestling. Since WWE is the big dog that means we give them a lot of coverage. The WWE also comes under fire from the IWC for every decision they make, it seems. Us fans seem to think we know what’s “best for business.” However, the business has always been about the guy who can sell the most seats, merch, and draw the most people now socially/in the arena/on TV/in a movie/globally. We don’t always like it but we have to deal with it. I’m not saying pure wrestling ability is completely out the window and yes, we have seen some great “wrestling” lately but what I am saying is that sometimes fans need to see the bigger picture. How else is WWE going to survive unless they work with their talent to create new stars that will further enhance newer talent and so on? (DB/Punk vs The Wyatts comes to mind)

Fans also have to remember that from the bottom to the top the wrestling business is a work. The fans get worked regularly on programming, in interviews, public appearances, shoot interviews, you name it. The underlying subtext of that is; “stop asking questions and just watch.” The hierarchy of WWE rosters has always fascinated me and it seems like they put their guys through all kinds of hell just to see if they can make it out to the other side. Steve Austin is a prime example and so is CM Punk in the modern era.

I for one am loving the “best for business” angle. I think that HHH KNOWS how to work a crowd and BE the top heel in the company (a la Mr. McMahon) without even having to wrestle. Now, that takes a level of skill that is lacking with this roster. The story-line also does a great thing of unifying every other story under one nice blanket. The Best For Business story-line extends farther than the main event into the mid card and at times into the under card. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. The interviews he has been doing “behind the scenes” with Michael Cole have been nothing short of genius. My favorite one so far addressed corporate Kane. At about :55 seconds in HHH trolls the IWC with an extremely tongue in cheek coy aside to the camera as if to say he would BURY them.

Dirtsheets and forums have a habit of twisting fans minds. Don’t get me wrong. I love looking at the wrestling dirt sheets and checking out all the rumors. I would say for every ten posts of rumor that maybe one is true. However if you go into any comments section of any wrestling news site you will get completely turned off. I’m in my early thirties and sometimes I forget that fans of anything aren’t my age so I take that spur of the moment frustration at smarks with a grain of salt. Am I a Smart-Mark? I don’t think one exists. I am definitely a mark.

If you think about it – wrestling has always been the same. It has always been great AND at the same time not what 100% of the fans want to see. Wrestling is generational and if you want to enjoy it you have to remember to enjoy all of it. Who cares  that Brodus Clay isn’t  the monster heel you were expecting? He puts smiles on kids faces. Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) got released and the IWC goes nuts. All that means is that you get to see Chris Hero again. El Generico is unmasked!? Concentrate on the fact that he was actually signed in the first place. Korporate Kane bother you? Too bad. He’s awesome!

Instead of saying:

“This isn’t the NWA!”

“This isn’t Hulkamania!”

“This is NOT the Attitude Era!”

“This is not the Monday Night Wars!”

I could go on.

Just say: “Hey, gimme what you got and entertain me for my dollars worth”, which is what the WWE does. Think about how well put together their shows are.

From a production stand point WWE has created a cohesive and marketable war machine through their programming, editing, physical production, and social production. I for one think that being a publicly traded company has helped them and in the long run that’s what counts.

They will continue to do what’s best for business in order to keep the fans entertained WITH the business.

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