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Citizen Kane

Survivor Series is this week and the lead up has been pretty interesting. With the last few WWE PPV events being lackluster I think that they need to make Survivor Series one helluva show or fans will lose interest more so than usual. I have been a big fan of the past few weeks of RAW and think that their programming is coming around to a fuller cohesive unit. The word going around is that the company is trying to establish both main shows as the “A” show with Smackdown no longer being the “B” show.

This comes as no shock from a business standpoint because the better both shows do – the more the company can command for licencing and rights. Does that mean irritating the IWC? Absolutely. Case in point; John Cena is in a somewhat lopsided program with Alberto Del Rio, which will no doubt end in Cena holding onto the belt until another major player comes along. Cena with WHC just makes the WWE title seem secondary only because Cena is so larger than life and like it or not he is this generations Hogan…brother. He will be the true face of the company and the ratings grabber for years to come. However, the company is doing a great job of elevating talent to the main stage.

If you recall a few years ago your main events on raw were filled with Miz(es?) R-Thruths, Nexuses, and superstars that didn’t really pan out in the main event picture. Flash forward to now and you are getting engaging action on Monday night once again. I personally cannot get enough of The Wyatts, The SHIELD, The Usos, Daniel Bryan, Big E. Langston, and The Real Americans. WWE is creating characters again without relying too heavily on the gimmicks. Cesaro is a prime example of a guy who went from one of the “Kings of Wrestling” to being in developmental and debuting with a questionable Rugby Player gimmick, which was dropped. Why? Because he didn’t need it to get over. Being an arrogant European with the necessary skills got him over. Langston will be world champ one day. Luke Harper will be a star for years to come. Dean Ambrose will become a staple and wrestling’s greatest heel. Seth Rollins will be world champ and so will Roman Reigns. All it takes is grooming and continuing with steps in the right direction.

Much like the IWC I was a tad frustrated that Kassius Ohno/Chris Hero was let go. Part of me feels like it was meant as message to the developmental wrestlers that ANYONE could get cut at ANY TIME with the underlying knowledge from management that he will be re-signed at a later date. I mean how could they not? His work rate and ability are amazing. AND he would already know how to work with their top guys right off the bat. The one constant in wrestling has always been “never say never” and that means fans should always take a step back and try to see a bigger picture.

There is also nothing justifiable about the hate that gets thrown WWE’s way. It’s fiction. Fans would like the product better if they just sat back and enjoyed it without expecting the worse and getting frustrated every time something they don’t like happens. You can hear an audible grumble after every PPV.

Survivor Series has always been one of my favorite PPVs and there are a few matches on this card that could steal the show. But, where do we go from here? What will the landscape of the WWE be AFTER Survivor Series going into Wrestlemania?

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