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mat-men610x150Hey, guys! if you’re reading this then that means you may have caught one of the shows I am on at GFQNetwork.com Also, chances are if you’re reading this then you are a wrestling fan. This post is about one wrestler in particular and THAT is Daniel Bryan. Now, to me this guy has had megastar written on him since day one. I remember watching the Royal Rumble as I do every year with a group of friends and proclaiming that this dude was going to be a world champ one day. That statement was met with much chagrin and anti-sentiment to put it lightly.

It could also be said that the folks in charge at WWE felt the same way and at many points in this young man’s career were trying to subdue the fact that he is just simply OVER. On the other side of the coin it could also be said that Vince knew what he was doing all along and that Daniel Bryan’s recent foray into the world of Bray Wyatt was just a litmus test to see if he would still be over in a “heel” roll AND to see how big a reaction he would get when he finally turns “face” again.

Now, fast forward a bit and not only do you have a mega pop moment with DB climbing to the top of a cage after turning on Bray Wyatt; you have the Royal Rumble PPV in which a sadly returned Batista was predicted to win. The entirety of the WWE Universe, after witnessing DB lose to Bray Wyatt, wished upon a star for DB to be the number 30 entrant in the Royal Rumble. But, guess what? It didn’t happen and a returning Batista got the win. Without thinking about long term goals as a fan I think that is poor booking. I also admire the crowd in Pittsburgh for hijacking the show and letting everyone know that they were witnessing a complete sham. In what makes pro wrestling amazing the WWE lost an opportunity to have DB come in at number 30, clean house, win the Rumble, and go on to headline Wrestlemania. What will instead happen is that he will likely win the title at a RAW or other PPV giving the fans what they want but ultimately taking that huge moment away from DB. That is just the nature of the game.

The treatment of DB reminds me of how Mick Foley was treated during his initial run as Mankind. The guy was over and no one in the office knew why. But, why the fanatic fan reaction to DB not even winning or being in the Rumble? The guy has heart and through all the politics of pro wrestling, the larger than life characters, and all the merchandising; that is what makes pro wrestling special. The heart of a pro wrestler can cut through all the BS and right into the hearts and minds of the audience. This situation also reminds me of a guy names Steve Austin who did at one time toil in the mid card with enormous crowd reactions while the main events were overrun by Austin chants.

With every kick that Daniel Bryan levels at an opponent we the fans take that as a fuck you to everyone who ever said we couldn’t do something or never make it somewhere.  We personify ourselves in the true underdog of Daniel Bryan. When he lets loose, he’s kicking our boss, our shitty neighbor, the meat-heads at the gym or at school, the naysayers, and the haters in everyone’s life, and provides the audience with a vicarious cathartic release of emotion.

The Rumble itself was great. Do I think that Batista should have won? Absolutely not. He had a lukewarm return and the crowd is certainly not behind the Animal any more. I would have been more on the side of “sure, why not?” if his return last Monday was even remotely memorable and yes I was a huge Batista fan…but not anymore. He’s on the list of people I would like to see DB stiffly kick the crap out of.

Yes. It’s fictionalized entertainment but with that being said I would like a more cohesive story. I know the guy was not booked to be in the Rumble. I know that I should also let go of that Attitude Era fan that wants big crazy swerve moments that will never happen in today’s product.  But, for a company that claims it listens to its universe this whole booking thing is a bit frustrating.

Yes, I want a happy ending. Will it happen? Sure, but I have the feeling that they are either afraid to jump the gun with Daniel Bryan or are waiting until his popularity dies down, which I don’t think will happen any time soon. It could be a case of wanting to keep him on top for years to come so that when he finally does win the title it is one of the biggest moments of all time. Who knows?

I’d love to hear your  thoughts on all this. Thanks for listening.

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